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Date Formate: DD/MM/YYYY
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My brother has severe RHD Clinical Services Sarah Joy Nilo good day, i am sarah joy nilo, i have read your article about open heart surgery, especially about dr. gino strada. my brother... All Countries (ONLINE)
Brazil Packing Container Volunteers and Personnel Madison Ables Help CardioStart International pack a container to ship to Brazil in June 13th, 2014! All volunteers welcome, the more hands... All Countries (ONLINE)
Congenital Heart Disease-Pulmonary Stenosis Clinical Services Analiza Tolentino i have a child,her nama is BERNICE JUDIEL TOLENTINO 6year old, who was diagnosed with congenital heart disease according to her... Philippines
Boy from Nigeria in need of corrective surgery - CHD Clinical Services Chidi Ezeafulukwe This child requires anti-failure measures. The surgical correction should be done around 3-5 months of age if gaining weight... All Countries (ONLINE)
Tijani Adaraloye, young boy from Nigeria in need of Surgery - RHD, Mitral Valve Clinical Services Chidi Ezeafulukwe Little Tijani has rheumatic heart disease mitral valve and the indigent mother is helplessly watching her little boy go down.... All Countries (ONLINE)
BABY CHARLOTTE MUKANTABANA from Rwanda needs an urgent referral abroad for a one stage corrective surgical intervention (Arterial Switch) Clinical Services Annabel Lavielle "This 7 days old baby girl with a cyanotic heart disease with a very good surgical prognosis, needs an urgent referral... Rwanda
Medical Volunteer Needed for Warehouse Packing/Shipping Volunteers and Personnel Madison Ables CardioStart International Tampa Headquarters needs a medical volunteer to help sort, pack, and label supplies for upcoming... All Countries (ONLINE)
Echo Machine Drive Medical Equipment and Supplies Madison Ables The month of February is dedicated to cardiac care. Early detection services are the most important access to health care a... All Countries (ONLINE)
recorded echocardiogram Clinical Services William Van Pelt Please provide information if you know of a way to obtain a recorded echocardiogram in Algeria. Algeria
FUNDING FOR A HEART SURGERY OF A 5 YR OLD BOY Funding Yawson Kojo Abakah My 5 year old very brilliant boy needs funding for a surgery of the heart which is billed $7,000.00 excluding air fair. We... Ghana
FUNDING FOR A HEART SURGERY OF A 5 YR OLD BOY Funding Yawson Kojo Abakah My 5 year old very brilliant son has MVP (enlargement of the heart) and has been schedule for a heart surgery anytime from now... Ghana
funding for a heart surgery of a 5yr old boy Funding Yawson Kojo Abakah The hospital requires $7,000.00 for the surgery either in India or Ghana and I need financial assistance to save my son who has... Ghana
3 year old Maria is waiting for your help Clinical Services Rostyslav Kuzyakiv Kalashnikova Maria, a 3 year old girl, was diagnosed with the secundum atrial septal defect with moderate left-to-right cardiac... Ukraine
ATO YAWSON - 5 YRS, Ghana in need of surgery Clinical Services Yawson Kojo Abakah Ato is a five year old boy from Accra in need of OHS. Please contact for further information of the... Ghana
Teen with RHD Clinical Services Emily Arneson 17 year old with RHD with Aortic Valve Prolapse in need of aortic valve replacement, possible Ross Procedure, echo evaluation... Mongolia
URGENT CARE FOR BABY NERISA Funding Tisha Carrette Baby Nerisa needs financial support in order to close a whole she has in her heart.(its called an Atrioventricular Canal Defect... Antigua and Barbuda
besoin operation maladie mitro aortique post rhumatismale(urgent) Clinical Services Sarra Benaid Moussaif maladie mitro aortique post RAA Morocco
Ruth Jacob Clinical Services Bodefide Ruth is a 5 year old girl with a large VSD and PDA. We are seeking urgent intervention for her to prevent development of... All Countries (ONLINE)
BEATRICE Clinical Services Bodefide Beatrice is a 14 year old girl with severe rheumatic heart disease (severe mitral stenosis and incompetence) seeking help from... All Countries (ONLINE)
Balkisu Clinical Services Bodefide Balkisu, a 55 year old woman with with severe mitral stenosis from rheumatic heart disease needs mitral valve replacement Nigeria
cardiac catheterization supplies Medical Equipment and Supplies Sulafaali2000 We need cardiac cath supnostic supplies like diagnostic catheters, MP, Pigtail, Berman angiographic, dilatation balloons esp... Sudan
Children of Senegal Clinical Services Elena Malagodi We have found two suspect cases during our yearly visit to 600 children from 3 to 12 years old by two pediatricians at the... Senegal
An angel seeking for your help!/3 Clinical Services Xian_sofia Dear Sir/Madam:Greetings of Peace and Charity!My name is MARY GRACE T. DEMAFELIZ and I am writing on behalf of DAVE GABRIEL T.... Philippines
An angel seeking for your help!/2 Clinical Services Xian_sofia Additional Medical documents of my son. Philippines
An angel seeking for your help! Clinical Services Xian_sofia My name is Mary Grace Demafeliz, 35 years old from Philippines. I'm asking for your big help through your foundation. I... Philippines
Seeking for Help Clinical Services Marklawrencejaleco Hi everyone. My name is Mark Lawrence Jaleco, I was diagnosed to have heart disease 6 years ago when I was only 17 years old.... Philippines
Additional Documents Posted Clinical Services Neisy Ponce Additonal Medical Documents Honduras
Help Heart Patient Suffering with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Clinical Services Neisy Ponce Patient Suffering from a Hear Murmur since infancy and complicated by her first pregnancy about five years ago. Honduras
Need Clinical Services Clinical Services Neisy Ponce Hi My name is Neisy Vallecillo, i was diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension 6 years ago, before that my life was almost... Honduras
Need a better quality of life Medical Equipment and Supplies Neisy Ponce Hi My name is Neisy Vallecillo, i was diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension 6 years ago, before that my life was almost... Honduras