GHN Need Postings

Date Formate: DD/MM/YYYY
Date Formate: DD/MM/YYYY
Need Title Type of Needsort descending Affiliation Need Description Country
3 year old Maria is waiting for your help Clinical Services Rostyslav Kuzyakiv Kalashnikova Maria, a 3 year old girl, was diagnosed with the secundum atrial septal defect with moderate left-to-right cardiac... Ukraine
Amarachi Clinical Services Bodefide Amarachi is a 12 year old girl with tetralogy of Fallot. Her parents cannot afford the cost of heart surgery and solicit for... Nigeria
Volunteers needed Clinical Services Martina Pavanic Pediatric Cardiac Intensivist is needed to volunteer for medical trip to Enugu, Nigeria with Novick Cardiac Alliance. from Jan... All Countries (ONLINE)
Mohammed Sani Abdullahi Clinical Services Bodefide Mohammed is 10 years old and has a large ventricular septal defect. Nigeria
Volunteers needed Clinical Services Martina Pavanic Pediatric Cardiac Intensivist is needed to volunteer for medical trip to Enugu, Nigeria with Novick Cardiac Alliance. from Jan... All Countries (ONLINE)
Need for a Sponsored Cath Lab in Philippines Clinical Services Myrto Nikolakou-petropoulou The patient must be catheterized in order to measure existent of fixed resistance in the pulmonary circulation. The family do... Philippines
Need for Financial Assistance for Open Heart Surgery Clinical Services Maria Karen Ortega My 9-year old son has been diagnosed with ASD in November 2013. He needs an open heart surgery the soonest possible time. Philippines
recorded echocardiogram Clinical Services William Van Pelt Please provide information if you know of a way to obtain a recorded echocardiogram in Algeria. Algeria
HELP IN ALGERIA Clinical Services Nsaoudi The daughter of my husband's sister present a cardiac malformation and needs to be operate as soon as possible Thank you... Algeria
Ventricular Septal Defect Aorta disease surgery Clinical Services Jigmed Tserendorj My father is suffering from VSDA disease. Doctors in Mongolia suggested that my father needs to go through a surgery. There are... Mongolia
BABY CHARLOTTE MUKANTABANA from Rwanda needs an urgent referral abroad for a one stage corrective surgical intervention (Arterial Switch) Clinical Services Annabel Lavielle "This 7 days old baby girl with a cyanotic heart disease with a very good surgical prognosis, needs an urgent referral... Rwanda
Tijani Adaraloye, young boy from Nigeria in need of Surgery - RHD, Mitral Valve Clinical Services Chidi Ezeafulukwe Little Tijani has rheumatic heart disease mitral valve and the indigent mother is helplessly watching her little boy go down.... All Countries (ONLINE)
Experienced Paediatric Perfusionist Urgently Needed for Volunteer Cardiac Surgical Mission Clinical Services Russell Lee Open Heart International is assisting with the Development of Cardiac Service's in Tanzania, we need an experienced... Tanzania
Boy from Nigeria in need of corrective surgery - CHD Clinical Services Chidi Ezeafulukwe This child requires anti-failure measures. The surgical correction should be done around 3-5 months of age if gaining weight... All Countries (ONLINE)
Paediatric Physiotherapist urgently needed for Cardiac Surgical Mission to Tanzania Clinical Services Russell Lee we need an experienced Paediatric Physiotherapist for our Upcoming Surgical Mission to Tanzania, Open Heart International is... Tanzania
Congenital Heart Disease-Pulmonary Stenosis Clinical Services Analiza Tolentino i have a child,her nama is BERNICE JUDIEL TOLENTINO 6year old, who was diagnosed with congenital heart disease according to her... Philippines
Beatrice Clinical Services Marjorie.boor Beatrice is a 10 year old Iraqw girl cared for at FAME Medical needing surgery for AV canal defect Tanzania
My brother has severe RHD Clinical Services Sarah Joy Nilo good day, i am sarah joy nilo, i have read your article about open heart surgery, especially about dr. gino strada. my brother... All Countries (ONLINE)
save heart of my son Clinical Services Brahmi Adel my son have problem with here heart Algeria
Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) Clinical Services Matt Anian Good day! I am Matt B. Anian, 30 years old from Philippines, a bread winner. After complying with chest x-ray and a series of... Philippines
Open heart surgery Clinical Services Renna Lange Transitional AV canal repair and closure of secundum atrial septal defect repaired on 4/02/13 in Las Vegas with moderate left... Mongolia
A baby boy with TOF needs surgery in US Clinical Services Joan Ni There are seven people in his family and they all live in a very small apartment in the city. His grandparents have been... China
Need Clinical Services Clinical Services Neisy Ponce Hi My name is Neisy Vallecillo, i was diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension 6 years ago, before that my life was almost... Honduras
Help Heart Patient Suffering with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension Clinical Services Neisy Ponce Patient Suffering from a Hear Murmur since infancy and complicated by her first pregnancy about five years ago. Honduras
9 year old with Single ventricle - needs diagnostic workup and probably transplant Clinical Services Bruce Hultgren Flor Estrella Luis Sanchez is a 9 year-old female who lives in San Quintin, Baja California Norte, Mexico. She was born there... Mexico
Additional Documents Posted Clinical Services Neisy Ponce Additonal Medical Documents Honduras
Seeking for Help Clinical Services Marklawrencejaleco Hi everyone. My name is Mark Lawrence Jaleco, I was diagnosed to have heart disease 6 years ago when I was only 17 years old.... Philippines
An angel seeking for your help! Clinical Services Xian_sofia My name is Mary Grace Demafeliz, 35 years old from Philippines. I'm asking for your big help through your foundation. I... Philippines
8 yo with likely tetralogy of fallot w/ severe pulmonic stenosis Clinical Services Katrina Ciraldo I am a fourth year medical student from Boston University working at Kisoro District Hospital for a year. We have an 8 yo... Uganda
An angel seeking for your help!/2 Clinical Services Xian_sofia Additional Medical documents of my son. Philippines